REBS Case Study Program
30 Days of 1-1 Coaching, Training, & Support for FREE! 
I’m looking for a handful of go-getter agents who want to work with me and my team over the next 30 days to get more no-cost leads, increase their revenue AND reduce their work hours at absolutely no cost!
See what other agents have achieved by implementing my proven tools & systems:

Dan Jones

Dan went from working 60-70 hrs/wk down to just 35 hours AND 4x'd his income. He was even able to take 2 months off once his daughter was born! Now he's confident with where his business is, and excited about the continued growth!

Dave Friedman

Dave has 10x'd his business since he first started working with Real Estate B-School years ago. He went from working over 80 hrs each week to taking 15 weeks of vacation each year. Thanks to REBS he was able to create predictable and consistent growth!

Stacie Peterson

Stacie grew her team, tripled her business, made the move from top producer to business owner and exited production within 6 months! She was ultimately able to sell her business for a 7-figure sum and now she's the CEO of Real Estate B-School!

Andy Mulholland

Andy 2x'd his yearly transactions, 3x'd the size of his team, and achieved his goal of being able to exit production. Now he works just one day a week and is able to spend more time with his family than ever before!

Kerby Skurat

Kerby drastically reduced his work hours, went from one admin to a staff of 20+ and over 25 agents. By focusing on dollar-productive tasks he was able to scale his business and now the time and money freedom he always wanted!

Tyler Goff

Tyler was able to build a team with the structure that allowed him to spend more time working on the business rather than in the business. This allowed him to increase his revenue & reclaim his time. 
Agents with training from Real Estate B-School make 20x the median income for agents.  
Our Average Graduate Client GCI is $958,393
Limited Spots Available. 
Here's How We'll Work Together Over the Next 30 Days to Get Results: 
While other coaching companies teach you to work as many hours as possible to increase your revenue, our mission is to help you earn more while working less! 
  • Training: Live weekly specialist trainings. We’ll dive deep on various topics to help you overcome any challenges you’re experiencing in your business. 
  • Coaching: You’ll get UNLIMITED 1-on-1 coaching calls (yes, unlimited!) with any of our Expert Business Coaches to get you “unstuck” with any tool or system that you’re working to implement. Our coaches have all been with REBS for 3-5+ years and have used the same tools, systems and strategies to scale their businesses and personally achieve time and money freedom.
  • ​Support: 3 times a week you’ll get to hop on live daily coaching calls where you can ask questions, get advice and we can brainstorm the specifics for getting things moving and progressing for you. 
  • Community: You’ll get access to our Private Facebook Group so that you can share your wins, challenges, ask questions, and reach out for additional support. 

As a participant in the Case Study Program you’ll also get…

  • 1-on-1 Onboarding Call so that you can hit the ground running and get clear on your next steps. 
  • Strategic Game Plan Call to strategize with one of our business coaches and come up with an actionable game plan.
  • Quarterly Business Review to make sure that your business is on track for massive success. 
  • ​​Team Tool Box Access so that your team members can access helpful tools to help them win in their role. 
  • Instant Access to our Foundational Tools to help you get clear about really matters when it comes to becoming a true business owner.
  • ​Instant Access to ALL of our other tools and systems so you can "swipe and deploy" them into your business for massive leverage and momentum.
  • Instant Access to ALL of our past Specialist Trainings so you can pick and choose the tools, systems and strategies that will move you forward faster than any other program in our industry!
This Case Study Program is NOT for everyone.
In order to ensure optimal results, I'm only looking to work with a specific type of agent. To be considered for the program you must meet ALL of the below criteria.
  •  Full-time agent or team leader
  • ​Annual, individual GCI is $300k or more 
  • ​Willing to invest approx. 3 hrs/wk to implement my proven tools & systems
  • ​Friendly and coachable 
Sound like you? 
Get On The Path To Time & Money Freedom In Just 3 EASY Steps:
Important Note: Applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. 
Step 1
Take just a few minutes to fill out this brief form so that we can learn more about you and your business.
Step 2
One of our business coaches will review your application and reach out to you to schedule a call. 
Step 3
If we mutually agree that you're a good fit for the program, your 30 days will start immediately!
He's Helped Hundreds Of Real Estate Agents & Team Leaders From Around The World Achieve True Time Freedom AND Scale Their Business!
Hi there! I'm Lars Hedenborg Founder of Real Estate B-School and a seasoned expert in the real estate industry. I've been in your shoes. I know what it's like to feel overworked and overwhelmed, to work long hours each day and have to miss out on the things that matter most - like spending time with family and friends. And because of that, I've created a series of proven tools and systems to help real estate agents and team leaders from around the world scale their business and create the future they deserve without getting burned out! Let's work! 
See What Some Of Our Clients Are Saying...
30 days of specialized, yet simplified training and implementation support all geared towards helping you scale your business and work less hours. 

All absolutely FREE of charge!
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